Commit 1bc1b831 authored by ipkiss's avatar ipkiss
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* skins2/controls/ctrl_checkbox.cpp: Avoid the "phantom effect", where the old

   "up" state of the checkbox is displayed wrongly during a few milliseconds
parent 3e77116c
......@@ -182,9 +182,23 @@ void CtrlCheckbox::CmdDownOverUpOver::execute()
// There is a little trick here: since we update the image of the control
// before executing the command, there is no way that the observed variable
// can have changed, so changeButton() has not been called, and m_pImgUp is
// still the "old" up state. That's why we don't use it, and use the other
// one instead. Otherwise, we would notice a "phantom effect", where the
// old up image is displayed for a few milliseconds, until the variable is
// updated and the correct up image is displayed.
// Executing the action before refreshing the state wouldn't work, because
// the variable may be updated asynchronously (when triggered by a callback
// from an object variable).
// Invert the state variable
const OSGraphics *pOldImg = m_pParent->m_pImgCurrent;
m_pParent->m_pImgCurrent = m_pParent->m_pImgUp;
if( m_pParent->m_pImgUp == m_pParent->m_pImgUp1 )
m_pParent->m_pImgCurrent = m_pParent->m_pImgUp2;
m_pParent->m_pImgCurrent = m_pParent->m_pImgUp1;
m_pParent->notifyLayoutMaxSize( pOldImg, m_pParent->m_pImgCurrent );
// Execute the command
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