Commit 17e3866e authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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DTV: add Windows config items

parent ebda722a
......@@ -51,6 +51,12 @@
"Only useful programs are normally demultiplexed from the transponder. " \
"This option will disable demultiplexing and receive all programs.")
#define NAME_TEXT N_("Network name")
#define NAME_LONGTEXT N_("Unique network name in the System Tuning Spaces")
#define CREATE_TEXT N_("Network name to create")
#define CREATE_LONGTEXT N_("Create unique name in the System Tuning Spaces")
#define FREQ_TEXT N_("Frequency (kHz)")
#define FREQ_LONGTEXT N_( \
"TV channels are grouped by transponder (a.k.a. multiplex) " \
......@@ -185,6 +191,25 @@ static const char *const satno_user[] = { N_("Unspecified"),
"A/1", "B/2", "C/3", "D/4" };
/* BDA module additional DVB-S Parameters */
#define NETID_TEXT N_("Network Identifier")
#define AZIMUTH_TEXT N_("Satellite azimuth")
#define AZIMUTH_LONGTEXT N_("Satellite azimuth in tenths of degree")
#define ELEVATION_TEXT N_("Satellite elevation")
#define ELEVATION_LONGTEXT N_("Satellite elevation in tenths of degree")
#define LONGITUDE_TEXT N_("Satellite longitude")
"Satellite longitude in tenths of degree. West is negative.")
#define RANGE_TEXT N_("Satellite range code")
#define RANGE_LONGTEXT N_("Satellite range code as defined by manufacturer " \
"e.g. DISEqC switch code")
/* ATSC */
#define MAJOR_CHANNEL_TEXT N_("Major channel")
#define MINOR_CHANNEL_TEXT N_("ATSC minor channel")
#define PHYSICAL_CHANNEL_TEXT N_("Physical channel")
static int Open (vlc_object_t *);
static void Close (vlc_object_t *);
......@@ -214,6 +239,13 @@ vlc_module_begin ()
add_integer ("dvb-device", 0, DEVICE_TEXT, DEVICE_LONGTEXT, false)
change_integer_range (0, 255)
add_bool ("dvb-budget-mode", false, BUDGET_TEXT, BUDGET_LONGTEXT, true)
#ifdef WIN32
add_integer ("dvb-adapter", -1, ADAPTER_TEXT, ADAPTER_LONGTEXT, true)
add_string ("dvb-network-name", NULL, NAME_TEXT, NAME_LONGTEXT, true)
/* Hmm: is this one really safe??: */
add_string ("dvb-create-name", NULL, CREATE_TEXT, CREATE_LONGTEXT, true)
change_private ()
add_integer ("dvb-frequency", 0, FREQ_TEXT, FREQ_LONGTEXT, false)
change_integer_range (0, 107999999)
......@@ -256,6 +288,7 @@ vlc_module_begin ()
add_string ("dvb-fec", "", CODE_RATE_TEXT, CODE_RATE_LONGTEXT, true)
change_string_list (code_rate_vlc, code_rate_user, NULL)
change_safe ()
set_section (N_("DVB-S2 parameters"), NULL)
add_integer ("dvb-pilot", -1, PILOT_TEXT, PILOT_TEXT, true)
change_integer_list (auto_off_on_vlc, auto_off_on_user)
......@@ -263,6 +296,7 @@ vlc_module_begin ()
add_integer ("dvb-rolloff", -1, ROLLOFF_TEXT, ROLLOFF_TEXT, true)
change_integer_list (rolloff_vlc, rolloff_user)
change_safe ()
set_section (N_("Satellite equipment control"), NULL)
add_string ("dvb-polarization", "",
......@@ -292,6 +326,20 @@ vlc_module_begin ()
add_integer ("dvb-tone", -1, TONE_TEXT, TONE_LONGTEXT, true)
change_integer_list (auto_off_on_vlc, auto_off_on_user)
#ifdef WIN23
add_integer ("dvb-network-id", 0, NETID_TEXT, NULL, true)
add_integer ("dvb-azimuth", 0, AZIMUTH_TEXT, AZIMUTH_LONGTEXT, true)
add_integer ("dvb-elevation", 0, ELEVATION_TEXT, ELEVATION_LONGTEXT, true)
add_integer ("dvb-longitude", 0, LONGITUDE_TEXT, LONGITUDE_LONGTEXT, true)
add_string ("dvb-range", NULL, RANGE_TEXT, RANGE_LONGTEXT, true)
/* dvb-range corresponds to the BDA InputRange parameter which is
* used by some drivers to control the diseqc */
set_section (N_("ATSC reception parameters"))
add_integer ("dvb-major-channel", 0, MAJOR_CHANNEL_TEXT, NULL, true)
add_integer ("dvb-minor-channel", 0, MINOR_CHANNEL_TEXT, NULL, true)
add_integer ("dvb-physical-channel", 0, PHYSICAL_CHANNEL_TEXT, NULL, true)
vlc_module_end ()
struct access_sys_t
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