Commit 16bae987 authored by Thomas Guillem's avatar Thomas Guillem

filter: fps: use frame_rate from fmt_out if no "fps" option

This fixes invalid n to n fps conversion when this filter is setup from
parent 99b33932
......@@ -146,6 +146,9 @@ static int Open( vlc_object_t *p_this)
config_ChainParse( p_filter, CFG_PREFIX, ppsz_filter_options,
p_filter->p_cfg );
const unsigned int i_out_frame_rate = p_filter->;
const unsigned int i_out_frame_rate_base = p_filter->;
video_format_Clean( &p_filter-> );
video_format_Copy( &p_filter->, &p_filter-> );
......@@ -153,8 +156,8 @@ static int Open( vlc_object_t *p_this)
if( var_InheritURational( p_filter, &p_filter->,
&p_filter->, CFG_PREFIX "fps" ) )
p_filter-> = p_filter->;
p_filter-> = p_filter->;
p_filter-> = i_out_frame_rate;
p_filter-> = i_out_frame_rate_base;
msg_Dbg( p_filter, "Converting fps from %d/%d -> %d/%d",
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