Commit 15de00ea authored by Cyril Deguet's avatar Cyril Deguet
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* added missing -lm for plugin colorthres

parent 08b621f4
......@@ -571,7 +571,7 @@ AC_CHECK_LIB(m,pow,[
VLC_ADD_LDFLAGS([ffmpeg ffmpegaltivec stream_out_transrate i420_rgb faad twolame equalizer param_eq vlc vorbis freetype mod mpc dmo quicktime realaudio galaktos opengl],[-lm])
VLC_ADD_LDFLAGS([headphone_channel_mixer normvol speex mono],[-lm])
VLC_ADD_LDFLAGS([headphone_channel_mixer normvol speex mono colorthres],[-lm])
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