Commit 14e89cbc authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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vlc_mutex_locker: automatic mutex locking for C++

parent 9a38b276
......@@ -448,4 +448,27 @@ static inline void barrier (void)
#define vlc_thread_join( P_THIS ) \
__vlc_thread_join( VLC_OBJECT(P_THIS) )
#ifdef __cplusplus
* Helper C++ class to lock a mutex.
* The mutex is locked when the object is created, and unlocked when the object
* is destroyed.
class vlc_mutex_locker
vlc_mutex_t *lock;
vlc_mutex_locker (vlc_mutex_t *m) : lock (m)
vlc_mutex_lock (lock);
~vlc_mutex_locker (void)
vlc_mutex_unlock (lock);
#endif /* !_VLC_THREADS_H */
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