Commit 11b04dc1 authored by Gildas Bazin's avatar Gildas Bazin

* src/input/es_out.c: reduce the frame rate rational in es_out_Add().

parent 6e69de35
...@@ -678,6 +678,11 @@ static es_out_id_t *EsOutAdd( es_out_t *out, es_format_t *fmt ) ...@@ -678,6 +678,11 @@ static es_out_id_t *EsOutAdd( es_out_t *out, es_format_t *fmt )
case VIDEO_ES: case VIDEO_ES:
es->i_channel = p_sys->i_video; es->i_channel = p_sys->i_video;
if( fmt->video.i_frame_rate && fmt->video.i_frame_rate_base )
vlc_reduce( &es->,
fmt->video.i_frame_rate_base, 0 );
break; break;
case SPU_ES: case SPU_ES:
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