Commit 117fb9dc authored by Christophe Mutricy's avatar Christophe Mutricy
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Compile fix

parent 10ccb3db
......@@ -804,8 +804,8 @@ endif
mkdir -p "$(top_builddir)/vlc-${VERSION}/activex"
cp $(top_builddir)/activex/README.TXT $(top_builddir)/vlc-${VERSION}/activex/ ;
cp $(top_builddir)/activex/test.html $(top_builddir)/vlc-${VERSION}/activex/ ;
cp $(srcdir)/activex/README.TXT $(top_builddir)/vlc-${VERSION}/activex/ ;
cp $(srcdir)/activex/test.html $(top_builddir)/vlc-${VERSION}/activex/ ;
unix2dos $(top_builddir)/vlc-${VERSION}/activex/* ;
cp $(top_builddir)/activex/*$(LIBEXT) $(top_builddir)/vlc-${VERSION}/activex/ ;
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