Commit 10ee2376 authored by Marvin Scholz's avatar Marvin Scholz

codec/videotoolbox: Bridge to NSDictionary

parent 929d0bd8
......@@ -1941,9 +1941,8 @@ skip:
static int UpdateVideoFormat(decoder_t *p_dec, CVPixelBufferRef imageBuffer)
CFDictionaryRef attachments = CVBufferGetAttachments(imageBuffer, kCVAttachmentMode_ShouldPropagate);
NSDictionary *attachmentDict = (NSDictionary *)attachments;
NSDictionary *attachmentDict =
(__bridge NSDictionary *)CVBufferGetAttachments(imageBuffer, kCVAttachmentMode_ShouldPropagate);
if (attachmentDict != nil && attachmentDict.count > 0
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