Commit 0da68096 authored by Marvin Scholz's avatar Marvin Scholz
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configure: Improve detection of ibtool

Previously there was no error handling if ibtool was not found
and xcrun was not used to find it, but the path that xcrun provides
should be preferred, as on some systems and earlier macOS versions
it might not be in the PATH.
parent 3bacd648
......@@ -3803,8 +3803,28 @@ AC_ARG_ENABLE(macosx,
[ --enable-macosx Mac OS X gui support (default enabled on Mac OS X)])
if test "x${enable_macosx}" != "xno" -a "${SYS}" = "darwin"
dnl If possible, use xcrun to find the right ibtool
AC_PATH_PROG([XCRUN], [xcrun], [no])
AS_IF([test ! "x${XCRUN}" = "xno"], [
AC_MSG_CHECKING([for ibtool (using xcrun)])
XIB="$(eval $XCRUN -f ibtool 2>/dev/null || echo no)"
], [
AC_MSG_WARN([Looking for tools without using xcrun])
AS_IF([test "x${XIB}" = "xno"], [
AC_PATH_PROG(XIB, [ibtool], [no])
AS_IF([test "x${XIB}" = "xno"], [
AC_MSG_ERROR([ibtool was not found, but is required for --enable-macosx])
AC_PATH_PROGS(XIB, [ibtool], ibtool, ["/usr/bin"])
AM_CONDITIONAL(ENABLE_MACOSX_UI, [test "$enable_macosx" != "no" -a "${SYS}" = "darwin"])
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