Commit 0afe4616 authored by Christophe Massiot's avatar Christophe Massiot
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Do not link twice with -logg under Darwin.

parent 5a0b0cf0
dnl Autoconf settings for vlc
dnl $Id:,v 1.25 2003/07/06 23:14:50 massiot Exp $
dnl $Id:,v 1.26 2003/07/07 14:56:22 massiot Exp $
......@@ -1930,7 +1930,12 @@ then
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(theora/theora.h, [
AC_CHECK_LIB(theora, theora_granule_time, [
AX_ADD_LDFLAGS([theora],[-ltheora -logg]) ],[
if test "${SYS}" = "darwin"; then
theora_libs="-ltheora -logg"
AX_ADD_LDFLAGS([theora],[${theora_libs}]) ],[
AC_MSG_ERROR([libtheora doesn't appear to be installed on you system.
You also need to check that you have a libogg posterior to the 1.0 release.])],
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