Commit 0ac33c78 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf
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Configure: autodetect libssh2 for sftp access

parent 4c391b24
...@@ -1716,15 +1716,7 @@ fi ...@@ -1716,15 +1716,7 @@ fi
dnl dnl
dnl sftp access support dnl sftp access support
dnl dnl
AC_ARG_ENABLE(sftp, PKG_ENABLE_MODULES_VLC([SFTP], [access_sftp], [libssh2], (support SFTP file transfer via libssh2), [auto])
[support SFTP file transfer via libssh2 (default disabled)])])
if test "${enable_sftp}" = "yes"; then
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(libssh2.h, [
VLC_ADD_LIBS([access_sftp], [-lssh2])
dnl dnl
dnl Video4Linux 2 dnl Video4Linux 2
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