Commit 0a7ede29 authored by bigben's avatar bigben
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Consistency in labels.

parent ca9ce336
......@@ -226,7 +226,7 @@ NSArray *GetEjectableMediaOfClass( const char *psz_class )
[o_file_sub_delay_stp setEnabled: NO];
[o_file_sub_fps_lbl setStringValue: _NS("fps")];
[o_file_sub_fps_stp setEnabled: NO];
[o_file_sub_encoding_lbl setStringValue: _NS("Subtitles text encoding")];
[o_file_sub_encoding_lbl setStringValue: _NS("Subtitles encoding")];
[o_file_sub_encoding_pop removeAllItems];
[o_file_sub_size_lbl setStringValue: _NS("Font size")];
[o_file_sub_size_pop removeAllItems];
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