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Qt4 - add a file to document a few things, especially the difference between...

Qt4 - add a file to document a few things, especially the difference between QVLCDialog and QVLCFrame.

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Small Hacking file for the Qt Interface
If you ever code for Qt4 interface, please read this before.
** Code Convetions **
Please respect VLC code conventions here:
- NO trailing spaces
- NO tab
- Indentation is 4 spaces
- Braces ARE indented
- Space before and after operators
- Case labels are on the same column as the switch
Refer to it should be up to date
** Naming **
This naming is stupid and inconsistent :D
Try to prefix with psz_, i_, b_, ui_ for the normal basic C/C++ styles.
If you have spare time, prefix QString with qs_.
Use aPointerName over a_pointer_name for long names.
** QVLCFrame vs QVLCDialog **
A QVLCFrame is just a QWidget, without any parent and used as a Qt::Windows
A QVLCDialog is a QDialog.
This mean that the QVLCDialog is centered on the parent and ABOVE it, will be destroyed by the parent automatically.
This also mean that you have to destroy the QVLCFrame and to save its position/size.
So if your dialog is a dialog you are used to keep during a playing of a video, then use a QVLCFrame, else use a QVLCDialog, if this is something you do over anything else.
QVLCFrame: extended panel, messages...
QVLCDialog: preferences, open...
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