Commit 04c8b812 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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PulseAudio: let PulseAudio (or hardware) do the amplification

This enables use of PulseAudio flat volume, if enabled in PulseAudio.

Note that, in that case, VLC will multiply its own volume by the output
device ("sink" in PulseAudio parliance) base volume. That effectively
maps 100% volume in VLC to +0dB in PulseAudio. To me, that seems more
intuitive and backward compatible with older VLC versions.

However, PulseAudio people seem to think that 100% should be mapped to
the maximum hardware amplification without software amplification,
that is to say PA_VOLUME_NORM.

Known limitations:

* The initial volume is determined by PulseAudio. However VLC shows 100%
regardless, which is not necessarily correct.

* If the VLC stream/sink input volume is changed outside of VLC (by a
mixer application), the VLC user interface will not see the updated
parent 4ab41f97
......@@ -52,7 +52,8 @@ struct aout_sys_t
pa_stream *stream; /**< PulseAudio playback stream object */
pa_context *context; /**< PulseAudio connection context */
pa_threaded_mainloop *mainloop; /**< PulseAudio event loop */
pa_cvolume cvolume; /**< PulseAudio sink input volume */
pa_volume_t base_volume; /**< 0dB reference volume */
pa_cvolume cvolume; /**< actual sink input volume */
//uint32_t byterate; /**< bytes per second */
......@@ -88,6 +89,27 @@ static void error(aout_instance_t *aout, const char *msg, pa_context *context)
msg_Err(aout, "%s: %s", msg, pa_strerror(pa_context_errno(context)));
/* Sink */
static void sink_info_cb(pa_context *c, const pa_sink_info *i, int eol,
void *userdata)
aout_instance_t *aout = userdata;
aout_sys_t *sys = aout->output.p_sys;
if (eol)
(void) c;
/* PulseAudio maps 100% to no SW amplification and maximum HW amplification.
* VLC maps 100% to no amplification at all. Thus we need to use the sink
* base_volume as a multiplier, if and only if flat volume is active. */
if (i->flags & PA_SINK_FLAT_VOLUME)
sys->base_volume = i->base_volume;
sys->base_volume = PA_VOLUME_NORM;
msg_Dbg(aout, "base volume: %f", pa_sw_volume_to_linear(sys->base_volume));
/* Stream helpers */
static void stream_state_cb(pa_stream *s, void *userdata)
......@@ -105,11 +127,15 @@ static void stream_state_cb(pa_stream *s, void *userdata)
static void stream_moved_cb(pa_stream *s, void *userdata)
vlc_object_t *obj = userdata;
aout_instance_t *aout = userdata;
aout_sys_t *sys = aout->output.p_sys;
pa_operation *op;
uint32_t idx = pa_stream_get_device_index(s);
msg_Dbg(obj, "connected to device %s (%u)",
msg_Dbg(aout, "connected to device %s (%u)", pa_stream_get_device_name(s), idx);
op = pa_context_get_sink_info_by_index(sys->context, idx, sink_info_cb, aout);
if (likely(op != NULL))
static int stream_wait(pa_threaded_mainloop *mainloop, pa_stream *stream)
......@@ -231,7 +257,7 @@ static void Play(aout_instance_t *aout)
static int VolumeGet(aout_instance_t *aout, audio_volume_t *volp)
aout_sys_t *sys = aout->output.p_sys;
pa_volume_t volume = pa_cvolume_avg(&sys->cvolume);
pa_volume_t volume = pa_cvolume_max(&sys->cvolume);
*volp = pa_sw_volume_to_linear(volume) * AOUT_VOLUME_DEFAULT;
return 0;
......@@ -245,13 +271,16 @@ static int VolumeSet(aout_instance_t *aout, audio_volume_t vol)
uint32_t idx = pa_stream_get_index(sys->stream);
pa_volume_t volume = pa_sw_volume_from_linear(vol / (float)AOUT_VOLUME_DEFAULT);
pa_cvolume cvolume;
/* TODO: do not ruin the channel balance (if set outside VLC) */
/* TODO: notify UI about volume changes by other PulseAudio clients */
pa_cvolume_set(&sys->cvolume, sys->cvolume.channels, volume);
pa_sw_cvolume_multiply_scalar(&cvolume, &sys->cvolume, sys->base_volume);
op = pa_context_set_sink_input_volume(sys->context, idx, &sys->cvolume,
op = pa_context_set_sink_input_volume(sys->context, idx, &cvolume, NULL, NULL);
if (unlikely(op == NULL))
......@@ -396,7 +425,7 @@ static int Open(vlc_object_t *obj)
//sys->byterate = byterate;
/* Channel volume */
sys->base_volume = PA_VOLUME_NORM;
pa_cvolume_set(&sys->cvolume, ss.channels, PA_VOLUME_NORM);
/* Allocate threaded main loop */
......@@ -440,7 +469,7 @@ static int Open(vlc_object_t *obj)
pa_stream_set_state_callback(s, stream_state_cb, mainloop);
pa_stream_set_moved_callback(s, stream_moved_cb, aout);
if (pa_stream_connect_playback(s, NULL, &attr, flags, &sys->cvolume, NULL) < 0
if (pa_stream_connect_playback(s, NULL, &attr, flags, NULL, NULL) < 0
|| stream_wait(mainloop, s)) {
error(aout, "cannot connect stream", ctx);
goto fail;
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