Commit 02f89b75 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf
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Qt: don't save the filepath between session if recent is deactivated

Close #4324
parent d6c4c271
......@@ -558,8 +558,11 @@ static void *Thread( void *obj )
/* Delete the recentsMRL object before the configuration */
/* Save the path */
getSettings()->setValue( "filedialog-path", p_intf->p_sys->filepath );
/* Save the path or delete if recent play are disabled */
if( var_InheritBool( p_intf, "qt-recentplay" ) )
getSettings()->setValue( "filedialog-path", p_intf->p_sys->filepath );
getSettings()->remove( "filedialog-path" );
/* Delete the configuration. Application has to be deleted after that. */
delete p_intf->p_sys->mainSettings;
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