Commit 02b1c7e2 authored by dionoea's avatar dionoea
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use vlc_object_exists -> the messages queue isn't filled with warnings

parent 2a2b6acc
......@@ -76,7 +76,9 @@
<!-- misc commands -->
<vlc id="if" param1="command value 'fullscreen' strcmp 0 =" />
<vlc id="rpn" param1="'fullscreen' 'VLC_OBJECT_VOUT' vlc_var_get ! 'fullscreen' 'VLC_OBJECT_VOUT' vlc_var_set" />
<vlc id="if" param1="'VLC_OBJECT_VOUT' vlc_obj_exists" />
<vlc id="rpn" param1="'fullscreen' 'VLC_OBJECT_VOUT' vlc_var_get ! 'fullscreen' 'VLC_OBJECT_VOUT' vlc_var_set" />
<vlc id="end" />
<vlc id="end" />
<vlc id="if" param1="command value 'volume' strcmp 0 =" />
<vlc id="rpn" param1="val value vlc_volume_set" />
......@@ -89,7 +91,7 @@
<time><vlc id="value" param1="stream_time" /></time>
<state><vlc id="value" param1="stream_state" /></state>
<position><vlc id="value" param1="stream_position" /></position>
<fullscreen><vlc id="value" param1="'fullscreen' 'VLC_OBJECT_VOUT' vlc_var_get" /></fullscreen>
<fullscreen><vlc id="if" param1="'VLC_OBJECT_VOUT' vlc_obj_exists" /><vlc id="value" param1="'fullscreen' 'VLC_OBJECT_VOUT' vlc_var_get" /><vlc id="end" /></fullscreen>
<loop><vlc id="value" param1="'loop' 'VLC_OBJECT_PLAYLIST' vlc_var_get"/></loop>
<repeat><vlc id="value" param1="'repeat' 'VLC_OBJECT_PLAYLIST' vlc_var_get" /></repeat>
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