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    Subtitle renderers: Merge RenderText & RenderHTML · f2e43bd7
    Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen authored
    The current workflow is often parsing a subtitle format, then convert it
    in a common HTML and then push it to the renderer as HTML. The renderer
    will reparse the HTML and try to render it. Of course, that means that
    only one renderer can do that correctly, and so we bloat the freetype
    renderer as much as we can.
    It also means that we have 2 render callbacks for subtitles, one for
    normal text and one for styled text, and we sometimes reparse the HTML
    to remove the tags, for the first.
    We now only use a text_segment, with new segments at every style change;
    an unique render function and the renderer can decide to honor or not
    the style.
    It's a big commit, so regressions can arise, but it was tested for most
    common cases.
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