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    * modules/codec/ffmpeg/video_filter.c, include/vlc_filter.h: · f2c55479
    gbazin authored
      - chroma + resizing video filter (using the filter_t architecture).
    * modules/codec/ffmpeg/*:
      - cleanup + small updates.
    * modules/codec/speex.c, theora.c, vorbis.c:
      - got rid of pf_header() in the encoder.
      - store the headers in fmt_out.p_extra (this will break the ogg muxer for now).
    * modules/codec/libmpeg2.c, modules/codec/ffmpeg/video.c:
      - added a p_dec->b_pace_control field to signal if the decoder is allowed to drop frames.
    * modules/stream_out/transcode.c:
      - heavy cleanup.
      - re-use video decoder modules and got rid of the duplicated ffmpeg video decoder.
      - use video filters for chroma conversion and resizing.
      (a few things are broken now like deinterlacing but I'll repair them asap).
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