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    input/item: factor input_item_t New*() functions · e49ee59a
    Thomas Guillem authored
    Remove "int options, const char *const *options, unsigned option_flags"
    arguments from every New() functions since these args are mainly unused. You
    now have to call input_item_AddOptions after input item creation to add
    Add input_item_net_type enum in order to avoid confusion between 2 int
    arguments: i_duration and i_net that could both be -1, 0 or > 0.
    Replace input_item_NewWithType and input_item_NewWithTypeExt with
    Add input_item_NewCard, input_item_NewDisc, input_item_NewStream,
    input_item_NewDirectory, input_item_NewFile MACRO. These MACROS avoid to use
    useless arguments for an item type (for example, it's useless to specify a
    duration for a directory type).
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