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    Sam Hocevar authored
    Some heavy changes today:
      * Removed duplicate function checks from configure.in.
      * Added extra magic to Makefile.modules so that the module Makefiles
        are now ridiculously simple. And I mean *simple*. Check it! This will
        make a possible switch to full autoconf/automake a lot easier.
      * Added the vlc version name to the plugin symbols, to be sure we only load
        plugins with the same version number. A nasty consequence is that you
        need to rebuild your tree after midnight if you are using a CVS tree :-)
      * Got rid of modules_export.h by #defining exported functions in the same
        header as their prototype.
      * Added modules_inner.h and other commonly used .h files to common.h so
        there are less and less files to include, and renamed common.h to
      * First modifications to the module handling system towards my ultimate
        goal to get rid of the *_Probe functions. Got rid of TestMethod and
        TestCPU, as well as src/misc/tests.c.
      * Wrote the chroma plugin handlin...