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    This is the first part of the new configuration architecture for vlc.
    Two other parts will follow soon:
    - config file implementation
    - gtk configuration interface.
    This part won't change much for end-users as these changes are mostly
    internal, you will however notice that the command line interface has
    changed. It will maybe be less user-friendly as I almost removed the
    short options but it shouldn't a big problem when the config file is
    What as changed is that it is really easy now to add configuration
    options to vlc. Plugins can also implement configuration options. All
    you have to do is to declare a MODULE_CONFIG section in your plugin.
    If you want to know more about this look at configuration.h and for some
    example: main.c, dsp.c or xvideo.c
    It would be nice if every developper could now start using configuration
    options in there plugins and also enhance old plugins.
    That's it, now let's hope I didn't break too many things ;-)