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    ts: large rewrite of the TS muxer to produce better TS and support DVD · c2f4acbe
    Laurent Aimar authored
         I have added some options:
            - bmin : minimum bitrate (bits/s) of the TS. Padding is added in
            case of insuffisant bitrate. (default: disabled).
            - bmax : maximum bitrate (bit/s) of the TS. It just drops packets
            to achieve the target. (default: disabled)
            - pcr : minimum delay between two pcr equal to dts of the video
            stream (default 100ms)
            - pcr-soft : minimum delay between two pcr interpolated from the
            pcr that are equal to dts. (default: none)
      - bmin/bmax allow to create CBR stream.
      - Bitrate is calculated on a PCR time.
      - PCR delay cannot be less than length of a frame of the PCR stream.
      - PCR soft is used to help when using big PCR delay. It is usefull to
      produce stream with smoother bitrate variation.
      - Big PCR delay introduce more latency.
      Test stability, bugs ...
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