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    * ./src/playlist/playlist.c: lots of playlist behaviour enhancements. · b9e9cb42
    Sam Hocevar authored
      * ./src/misc/objects.c: we do not hang on attempt to destroy an object with
        a non-zero reference count, but we still complain.
      * ./plugins/gtk/gtk_control.c, plugins/gtk/gtk_playlist.c: most controls such
        as play, pause, stop, next, fast etc. work again.
      * ./plugins/gtk/gnome_*: got rid of lots of useless wrappers which were a
        workaround for a bug in Glade. Instead, bootstrap.sh does the Glade fixes.
      * ./plugins/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.c: if there is already a video output with the
        appropriate properties, we use it.
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