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    * src/playlist/* && Makefile.am · 84b846bf
    zorglub authored
       - splitted the enormous playlist.c file
       - implemented a better item group system: groups have a name
         and must be created before use by
          playlist_CreateGroup( p_playlist, "newgroupname")
    * modules/misc/sap.c
       - Create our own playlist group ("SAP") and use it
    * modules/access/slp.c
       - Create our own playlist group ("SLP") and use it
    * modules/demux/util/id3tag.c
       - Trigger playlist update when we have parsed our tag
    * modules/gui/wxwindows/interface.cpp
       - Fixed the about box by using vlc_wraptext
       - Added the simple open and the streaming wizard icons
               *** Icons need to be changed ! ***
       - Added the visualization to the extended gui
    * modules/gui/wxwindows/preferences.cpp && include/vlc_help.h
       - Enlarged the window to fit the wrapped text
       - Added help for audio encoders
    * modules/gui/wxwindows/stream.cpp  & open.cpp & include/vlc_interface.h
       - Created a "streaming wizard" window (3-step streaming)
    * modules/gui/wxwindows/iteminfo.cpp:
       - Group change is now based on the name
    * modules/gui/wxwindows/playlist.cpp
       - Added author and group columns to the listview
       - Redesigned the window
       - Added the Sort menu with several criteria (title, author, group)
       - Added up/down buttons to move an item in the playlist
       - Added the group menu to enable/disable a group in an understandable way
    * playlist core :
       - Implement advanced sort capabilities  (multi-criteria)
       - File format to save the new features
       - export playlist (to M3U, eg)
       - more robust group creation (duplicates check, ...)
    * wxWindows playlist:
       The idea of a treeview seems impossible, because of wxWindow's treeview,
       that don't allow multi-selection, and, as far as I know, multi-columns.
       - Provide a frontend to advanced sort (when it's done :-) )
       - Allow moving items by drag & drop (well, if possible, haven't checked yet)
       - Allow moving several items at once
       - Customizable listview (ability to remove/move columns)
       - Find a solution to the focus problem
         (when you change track, the selected one scrolls at the
          bottom of the visible screen)
    * wxWindows interface:
       - New icons, our icons begin to get old and not so pretty
       - Find a solution for the volume bar (nobody understands what it is)
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