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    Initial support for Secure Real-Time Protocol (RFC3711) - refs #321 · 10ee356e
    Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
    Uses libgcrypt, as we have it in our deps/contrib already for GnuTLS.
    This could be used in both "UDP"[1] access and access output plugins,
    though they should really be called "RTP" instead nowadays.
     - AES(-128) Counter Mode key derivation and RTP en-/decryption
     - test vectors for AES-CM
     - NULL cipher (with the *_UNENCRYPTED flags) - untested
    To do (missing mandatory features):
     - RTCP en-/decryption
     - HMAC-SHA1 authentication
     - replay attack protection
    Also to probably do:
     - integrate with udp access and access output plugins
     - integrate with RTSP server (err, I won't do that myself)
     - support for Transform Carrying ROC for SRTP (RFC4771)
       so we can use it easily for multicast streaming
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