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    * extras/MacOSX/vlc.pbproj/project.pbxproj: · 2b4c0fcd
    hartman authored
      - added .qt and .pls file extensions.
    * modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:
      - increased the number of lines the messages dialog can hold to 400.
    * added fourcc '3iv1' to .avi and .mov
      - this is 3ivx D3.5 video.
      - we cannot read them at however and probably never will. I added them
        for completeness.
    * added fourcc '3iv2' to .avi and ffmpeg
      - this is 3ivx D4 video
      - it is mpeg 4 compliant and ffmpeg decodes it, via MPEG4.
    * added fourcc '3ivd' to .avi, .mov and ffmpeg.
      - this is video which was divx doctored by the 3ivx doctor program.
      - it is normal DIV3 video and ffmpeg decodes it via MPEG4 v3.
    * added fourcc '3vid' to .avi, .mov and ffmpeg.
      - this is incorrect encoded DIV3. it is an endianness issue by the encoder.
      - ffmpeg can decode it however, so it is mapped to MPEG4 v3.
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