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    PulseAudio: let PulseAudio (or hardware) do the amplification · 04c8b812
    Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
    This enables use of PulseAudio flat volume, if enabled in PulseAudio.
    Note that, in that case, VLC will multiply its own volume by the output
    device ("sink" in PulseAudio parliance) base volume. That effectively
    maps 100% volume in VLC to +0dB in PulseAudio. To me, that seems more
    intuitive and backward compatible with older VLC versions.
    However, PulseAudio people seem to think that 100% should be mapped to
    the maximum hardware amplification without software amplification,
    that is to say PA_VOLUME_NORM.
    Known limitations:
    * The initial volume is determined by PulseAudio. However VLC shows 100%
    regardless, which is not necessarily correct.
    * If the VLC stream/sink input volume is changed outside of VLC (by a
    mixer application), the VLC user interface will not see the updated