1. 29 Aug, 2017 3 commits
  2. 28 Aug, 2017 8 commits
  3. 27 Aug, 2017 3 commits
  4. 22 Aug, 2017 3 commits
  5. 21 Aug, 2017 1 commit
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      Feature (File Modal): Added the vue component with functionality for file modal · 9eacd4cc
      Gautam Chitnis authored
      This commit adds a new feature to select files to be added to the playlist from server file system.
      Functionality can be used by selecting open file option from left menu or 'plus' icon above playlist on right.
      All respective views and interfaces are affected by this function.
      Relevant changes have been made project wide for this functionality.
      Gautam C.
  6. 17 Aug, 2017 3 commits
  7. 14 Aug, 2017 1 commit
  8. 10 Aug, 2017 1 commit
  9. 08 Aug, 2017 2 commits
  10. 04 Aug, 2017 1 commit
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      Refactor (SASS): Complete division of SASS code · 1cbb9d0b
      Gautam Chitnis authored
      This commit divides and places the sass code in its appropriate locations.
      Remaining minor improvements/optimizations will be done later.
      Readme has been modified to reflect recent changes.
      Gautam C.
  11. 03 Aug, 2017 3 commits
  12. 02 Aug, 2017 2 commits
  13. 01 Aug, 2017 1 commit
  14. 31 Jul, 2017 2 commits
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      Refactoring : Removed need for script.js · 697639aa
      Gautam Chitnis authored
      This commit adds initialize.js file that initializes all the required elements.
      It also moves the code for handling playlist close on smaller screens to playlist component.
      Gautam C.
    • Gautam Chitnis's avatar
      Refactoring : Improvements to the scaffold · af40afe2
      Gautam Chitnis authored
      This commit further cleans up the scaffold of the code.
      It also puts a clear distinction of dist and src folders.
      src folder will compile to dist folder which the code will ultimately refer to.
      currently dist folder needs to be manually created as the build script edits are not made yet.
      Gautam C.
  15. 26 Jul, 2017 3 commits
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      Component-division: existing functions completely divided as needed · 952bd87d
      Gautam Chitnis authored
      This commit places all the exisiting functions into their appropriate components.
      VLM basics are also added.
      To try it, just open the console first, select VLM option from side menu,
      select submit without entering any text and the error returned by VLM pops up in the console.
      Gautam C.
    • Gautam Chitnis's avatar
      Fix (index.html): Fixed the head tag for production · 462410a6
      Gautam Chitnis authored
      Fixed the commented head tag that resembles the one we'll be using,
      when we get everything set up and ready for production version.
      Gautam C.
    • Gautam Chitnis's avatar
      Rework : Structuring the code better to make smaller components · d7850759
      Gautam Chitnis authored
      This commit onwards, for a few commits I'll be focusing on redoing my code to
      create more components so that using them and making changes to them would be
      easier. The index.html is using absolute paths to access the modules as of now.
      Once all the funtionality is in place and a compiler is brought into the picture,
      it will point to the compiled files instead of raw source.
      Gautam C.
  16. 25 Jul, 2017 2 commits
  17. 21 Jul, 2017 1 commit