1. 01 Aug, 2006 1 commit
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      * the ffmpeg api version id was updated · a5973510
      hartman authored
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      * additional interaction enhancements · 0a9dbda9
      Felix Paul Kühne authored
          - intf_UserFatal takes an addition bool-argument now to set whether the error message will be blocking in the interface or not (so TRUE = blocking)
          - intf_UserWarn is always non-blocking and is used to check important, localised warnings to the user
      * wx: a compilation fix, but no update to the current API
      * osx: complete implementation of the interaction framework using some Carbon (!) functions, because the needed icons aren't accessible through Cocoa. Regrettably, I had to add yet another nib-file to keep the code clean and readable.
      The Error-dialogue is no longer re-usable (so the specific ID was removed). The interface needs to keep track of the reported errors and warnings. Thus, it may discard them as requested by the user and doesn't need to care about the core.
  4. 29 Jul, 2006 3 commits
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      * enhanced the interaction core with some method additions/changes · 6cb1101a
      Felix Paul Kühne authored
      - intf_UserProgress* takes an additional argument now. use it to provide the time to go (in sec) until the process will be finished. Provide 0, if you don't have such info. The interface will hide the respective text-field.
      - intf_UserProgressIsCancelled can be called by the module which triggered the interaction dialogue on a regular interval, to check if the user cancelled the dialogue or not. This is for dialogues with an optional cancel-button only (like the modal progress panel), so it doesn't replace p_dialog->i_return = DIALOG_CANCELLED which is for yes/no-style dialogues
      - intf_UserOkayCancel was removed in favour of an enhanced intf_UserYesNo
      - intf_UserYesNo takes 3 additional arguments now to get the custom captions of the default (~Yes), alternate(~No) and one optional button(~Cancel). This provides a better interface experience for the user and is more compliant with OSX's HIGL. The interface automatically hides the 3rd button, if NULL is given.
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      fix breakqge introduce in [16152] · 87a71d24
      Christophe Mutricy authored
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      * implemented a ctrl-click menu for the vouts (refs #302) · 9e2759bc
      Felix Paul Kühne authored
      - currently loaded through rightMouseUp because rightMouseDown, etc. don't register any NSRightMouseDowns. If anybody got an idea why, I would be willing to change this of cause, since the current way is quite slower in the user's experience.
      - the Snapshot item doesn't work yet (it triggers the fullscreen-event)
      - localisation support is complete
      Any comments and wanteds for further items are welcome :)
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