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      Add facilities to report and enrich error messages. · 65d21833
      zorglub authored
      The idea is that a given error should be reported only once to the user.
      At the moment, for example, we can get:
      - "no suitable access module" (printed by module_Need)
       - "unable to create access" (printed by input/access)
       - "unable to open stream" (printed by input/input)
       - ...
      The facilities provided here are:
      * msg_StackSet( code, message ) : "throw" a new error
      * msg_StackAdd( message ) : Append a message allowing to trace the message
      * msg_StackMsg() : Retrieve the message
      So, in the previous example, module_Need would msg_StackSet( code, "no
      suitable access module"), then input/input would add "unable to create
      access" and finally, input/input can print the "unable to open stream:
      unable to create access: no suitable module" message.
      The three functions are context-free, you don't need a vlc_object, so
      that we can add verbose error reporting everywhere.
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      AUTHORS: e-mail address fix · 7e5c6ea5
      Olivier Aubert authored
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