Commit f4e4859f authored by Jean-Paul Saman's avatar Jean-Paul Saman
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Fix missing initializer compiler. Use memset to properly clear the entire struct.

parent 21bd97f5
......@@ -444,15 +444,17 @@ void vout_IntfInit( vout_thread_t *p_vout )
int vout_Snapshot( vout_thread_t *p_vout, picture_t *p_pic )
image_handler_t *p_image = image_HandlerCreate( p_vout );
video_format_t fmt_in = {0}, fmt_out = {0};
video_format_t fmt_in, fmt_out;
char *psz_filename = NULL;
subpicture_t *p_subpic;
picture_t *p_pif;
vlc_value_t val, format;
DIR *path;
int i_ret;
memset( &fmt_in, 0, sizeof(video_format_t));
memset( &fmt_out, 0, sizeof(video_format_t));
var_Get( p_vout, "snapshot-path", &val );
if( val.psz_string && !*val.psz_string )
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