Commit f0fbcbd5 authored by trax's avatar trax
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* modules/access/dshow/dshow.cpp: Typo specfic -> specific.

parent 80fde19d
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ static const char *ppsz_amtuner_mode_text[] = { N_("Default"),
#define VIDEO_IN_TEXT N_("Video input pin")
"Select the video input source, such as composite, s-video, " \
"or tuner. Since these settings are hardware-specfic, you should find good " \
"or tuner. Since these settings are hardware-specific, you should find good " \
"settings in the \"Device config\" area, and use those numbers here. -1 " \
"means that settings will not be changed.")
#define AUDIO_IN_TEXT N_("Audio input pin")
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