Commit f01abf1d authored by ivoire's avatar ivoire

Don't move an item to the middle of nowhere.

parent 201b767a
......@@ -149,11 +149,11 @@ bool PLModel::dropMimeData( const QMimeData *data, Qt::DropAction action,
if( action == Qt::IgnoreAction )
return true;
PLItem *targetItem;
if( target.isValid() )
targetItem = static_cast<PLItem*>( target.internalPointer() );
targetItem = rootItem;
if( !target.isValid() )
/* We don't want to move on an invalid position */
return true;
PLItem *targetItem = static_cast<PLItem*>( target.internalPointer() );
QByteArray encodedData = data->data( "vlc/playlist-item-id" );
QDataStream stream( &encodedData, QIODevice::ReadOnly );
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