Commit e9210428 authored by Olivier Aubert's avatar Olivier Aubert

python-ctypes: convert NULL return values to None

parent d7b1ce91
......@@ -470,12 +470,17 @@ def generate_wrappers(methods):
for classname, el in itertools.groupby(elements, key=operator.itemgetter(0)):
print """
class %(name)s(object):
def __init__(self, pointer=None):
def __new__(cls, pointer=None):
'''Internal method used for instanciating wrappers from ctypes.
if pointer is None:
raise Exception("Internal method. You should instanciate objects through other class methods (probably named 'new' or ending with 'new')")
if pointer == 0:
return None
return o
def from_param(arg):
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