Commit cb3ffd97 authored by ipkiss's avatar ipkiss
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* share/skins2/winamp2.xml: Use the new resizeE feature for the resizing

   control of the playlist, in the small layout.
parent 549afc38
......@@ -304,7 +304,7 @@
<Image x="175" y="0" image="pl_small_middle" action="move" />
<Image x="200" y="0" image="pl_small_middle" action="move" lefttop="lefttop" rightbottom="righttop" />
<Image x="225" y="0" image="pl_small_right_focus" action="move" lefttop="righttop" rightbottom="righttop" />
<Image x="250" y="3" image="pl_small_resize" action="resizeSE" lefttop="righttop" rightbottom="righttop" />
<Image x="250" y="3" image="pl_small_resize" action="resizeE" lefttop="righttop" rightbottom="righttop" />
<Button x="254" y="3" up="pl_small_switch_up" down="pl_switch_down" over="pl_small_switch_up" action="playlist_window.setLayout(pl_big_layout)" tooltiptext="Switch" lefttop="righttop" rightbottom="righttop" />
<Button x="264" y="3" up="pl_small_close_up" down="pl_close_down" over="pl_small_close_up" action="playlist_window.hide()" tooltiptext="Close the window" lefttop="righttop" rightbottom="righttop" />
<Text font="text_font" x="4" y="4" width="250" text="$N" />
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