Commit ba807e32 authored by Rémi Duraffort's avatar Rémi Duraffort

libvlc_priv_t: fix padding.

parent 9a634b1f
......@@ -207,15 +207,15 @@ typedef struct libvlc_priv_t
/* Messages */
msg_bank_t msg_bank; ///< The message bank
int i_verbose; ///< info messages
bool b_color; ///< color messages?
vlc_dictionary_t msg_enabled_objects; ///< Enabled objects
bool b_color; ///< color messages?
bool msg_all_objects_enabled; ///< Should we print all objects?
/* Timer stats */
bool b_stats; ///< Whether to collect stats
vlc_mutex_t timer_lock; ///< Lock to protect timers
counter_t **pp_timers; ///< Array of all timers
int i_timers; ///< Number of timers
bool b_stats; ///< Whether to collect stats
/* Singleton objects */
module_t *p_memcpy_module; ///< Fast memcpy plugin used
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