Commit b744c467 authored by Jean-Philippe Andre's avatar Jean-Philippe Andre Committed by ivoire
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Fix SLIDERCOL_LONGTEXT like in commit 2848880a of jb

Signed-off-by: ivoire's avatarRémi Duraffort <>
parent 395a801c
......@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@ static void ShowDialog ( intf_thread_t *, int, int, intf_dialog_args_t * );
#define SLIDERCOL_TEXT N_( "Define the colours of the volume slider " )
#define SLIDERCOL_LONGTEXT N_( "Define the colours of the volume slider\n " \
"By specifying the 12 numbers separated by a ';'\n " \
"Default is '255;255;255;20;226;20;255;176;15,235;30;20'\n " \
"Default is '255;255;255;20;226;20;255;176;15;235;30;20'\n " \
"An alternative can be '30;30;50;40;40;100;50;50;160;150;150;255' ")
#define VIEWDETAIL_TEXT N_( "Show the opening dialog view in detail mode" )
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