Commit b256b8ef authored by Cyril Deguet's avatar Cyril Deguet
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* winamp2.xml: fixed 13419 (don't work at least for "chaos")

parent eb4bf298
......@@ -72,10 +72,10 @@
<SubBitmap id="pl_small_switch_up" x="128" y="45" width="9" height="9" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_small_close_up" x="138" y="45" width="9" height="9" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_small_resize" x="25" y="3" width="9" height="8" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_add_up" x="0" y="149" width="22" height="18" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_add_up" x="14" y="80" width="22" height="18" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_sub_up" x="43" y="80" width="22" height="18" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_add_down" x="23" y="149" width="22" height="18" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_rem_up" x="54" y="149" width="22" height="18" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_rem_down" x="77" y="149" width="22" height="18" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_sub_down" x="77" y="149" width="22" height="18" />
<Bitmap id="playpaus" file="playpaus.bmp" alphacolor="#FF0001">
<SubBitmap id="play_icon" x="0" y="0" width="9" height="9" />
......@@ -344,7 +344,7 @@
<Slider id="playlist_slider" x="264" y="28" lefttop="righttop" rightbottom="rightbottom" up="pl_slider_up" down="pl_slider_down" points="(0,40),(0,0)" />
<Button x="14" y="86" up="pl_add_up" down="pl_add_down" over="pl_add_up" action="playlist.add()" lefttop="leftbottom" rightbottom="leftbottom" />
<Button x="43" y="86" up="pl_rem_up" down="pl_rem_down" over="pl_rem_up" action="playlist.del()" lefttop="leftbottom" rightbottom="leftbottom" />
<Button x="43" y="86" up="pl_sub_up" down="pl_sub_down" over="pl_sub_up" action="playlist.del()" lefttop="leftbottom" rightbottom="leftbottom" />
<Text font="text_font" x="186" y="101" width="35" text="$t" visible="not vlc.isStopped" lefttop="rightbottom" scrolling="none" alignment="right" />
<Button x="131" y="101" up="pl_previous" down="pl_previous" over="pl_previous" action="playlist.previous()" lefttop="rightbottom" />
<Button x="140" y="101" up="pl_play" down="pl_play" over="pl_play" action="" lefttop="rightbottom" />
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