Commit 9d52c6b6 authored by Damien Fouilleul's avatar Damien Fouilleul

- src/ make sure libvlc.dll is always rebuilt on object changes

parent 81386b7a
......@@ -159,14 +159,14 @@ DATA_noinst_libvlc = libvlc$(LIBEXT) libvlc$(LIBEXT).a
libvlc.dll.a: libvlc$(LIBEXT)
$(DLLTOOL) --export-all-symbols -l $@ -D $< $(libvlc_a_OBJECTS)
libvlc$(LIBEXT): $(OBJECTS_libvlc_so)
libvlc$(LIBEXT): $(libvlc_a_OBJECTS)
@ldfl="`$(VLC_CONFIG) --libs plugin libvlc pic` $(INCLUDED_LIBINTL)" ; \
case `$(VLC_CONFIG) --linkage libvlc` in \
c++) ld="$(CXXLINK)" ;; \
objc) ld="$(OBJCLINK)" ;; \
c|*) ld="$(LINK)" ;; \
esac ; \
echo $$ld $(OBJECTS_libvlc_so) $(LDFLAGS_libvlc_so) $$ldfl; \
echo $$ld $(libvlc_a_OBJECTS) $$ldfl; \
$$ld $(libvlc_a_OBJECTS) \
# It sucks big time, but we have to do that to link vlc properly
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