Commit 78a0673f authored by Pierre d'Herbemont's avatar Pierre d'Herbemont
Browse files Revert to the previous state.

Mac OS X doesn't like much the fact that we place a script that launch an other executable. We end up in having no Dock connection. That would require some tweaking on our side that is not pretty.
parent 9a8a4839
......@@ -554,6 +554,7 @@ vlc
# This is just for development purposes.
# The resulting will only in this tree. vlc
(cd src && make install)
rm -Rf $(top_builddir)/tmp
mkdir -p "$(top_builddir)/tmp/extras/package/macosx"
rm -Rf $(top_builddir)/
......@@ -626,7 +627,7 @@ vlc
$(INSTALL) -d $(top_builddir)/
touch $(top_builddir)/
chmod +x $(top_builddir)/
echo "#! /bin/sh\nexec \"\$$(dirname \"\$$0\")/../../../src/vlc\" \"--plugin-path=\$$(dirname \"\$$0\")/../../../modules\" \"\$$@\"" > $(top_builddir)/
$(INSTALL) $(top_builddir)/src/.libs/vlc $(top_builddir)/
$(INSTALL) -d $(top_builddir)/
find modules/ -name '*_plugin$(LIBEXT)' | while read i; do \
if test -n "$$i" ; \
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