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Sort the VLC translation languages alphabeticaly according to their label, and...

Sort the VLC translation languages alphabeticaly according to their label, and not their code, in English. The order will be broken in some other languages I guess but at least it'll be coherent the first time the user launches VLC (in English) and changes the language to use in the preferences.
parent f3a39d12
......@@ -39,18 +39,18 @@
#if defined (WIN32) || defined (__APPLE__)
static const char *ppsz_language[] =
{ "auto", "ar", "en", "en_GB", "ca", "cs", "da", "de", "es", "fa", "fr", "gl",
"he", "hu", "it", "ja", "ka", "ko", "ms", "nl", "oc", "pl", "pt_BR", "ro",
"ru", "sk", "sl", "sv", "tr", "zh_CN", "zh_TW" };
{ "auto", "en", "ar", "pt_BR", "en_GB", "ca", "zh_TW", "cs", "da", "nl", "fr",
"gl", "ka", "de", "he", "hu", "it", "ja", "ko", "ms", "oc", "fa", "pl", "ro",
"ru", "zh_CN", "sk", "sl", "es", "sv", "tr" };
static const char *ppsz_language_text[] =
{ N_("Auto"), N_("Arabic"), N_("American English"), N_("British English"),
N_("Catalan"), N_("Czech"), N_("Danish"), N_("German"), N_("Spanish"),
N_("Persian"), N_("French"), N_("Galician"), N_("Hebrew"), N_("Hungarian"),
N_("Italian"), N_("Japanese"),N_("Georgian"), N_("Korean"), N_("Malay"),
N_("Dutch"), N_("Occitan"), N_("Polish"), N_("Brazilian Portuguese"),
N_("Romanian"), N_("Russian"), N_("Slovak"), N_("Slovenian"), N_("Swedish"),
N_("Turkish"), N_("Simplified Chinese"), N_("Chinese Traditional") };
{ N_("Auto"), N_("American English"), N_("Arabic"), N_("Brazilian Portuguese"),
N_("British English"), N_("Catalan"), N_("Chinese Traditional"), N_("Czech"),
N_("Danish"), N_("Dutch"), N_("French"), N_("Galician"), N_("Georgian"),
N_("German"), N_("Hebrew"), N_("Hungarian"), N_("Italian"), N_("Japanese"),
N_("Korean"), N_("Malay"), N_("Occitan"), N_("Persian"), N_("Polish"),
N_("Romanian"), N_("Russian"), N_("Simplified Chinese"), N_("Slovak"),
N_("Slovenian"), N_("Spanish"), N_("Swedish"), N_("Turkish") };
static const char *ppsz_snap_formats[] =
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