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List of vlc plugins (271)
List of vlc plugins (333)
* a52: A/52 basic parser/packetizer
* a52sys: A/52 decapsulation demuxer.
......@@ -51,8 +51,10 @@ $Id$
* bluescreen: Bluescreen (weather channel like) video filter
* bonjour: Zeroconf services discovery
* caca: color ASCII art video output using libcaca
* cc: CC 608/708 subtitles decoder
* cdda: input module to read audio CDs
* cddax: input module to read audio CDs via libcdio
* cdg: CD-G decoder
* cinepak: Cinepack video decoder
* clone: Clone video filter
* cmml: Continuous Media Markup Language annotations/hyperlinks decoder
......@@ -61,10 +63,10 @@ $Id$
* converter_float: Floating-point audio format conversions
* crop: Crop video filter
* cvdsub: CVD subtitles decoder
* daap: iTunes shares services discovery
* dbus: D-Bus control interface
* dc1394: firewire input module
* deinterlace: naive deinterlacing filter.
* demux_cdg: Demuxer for CD-G files (Karaoke)
* demuxdump: Pseudo-demuxer that dumps the stream
* dirac: BBC Dirac codec
* direct3d: video output module using the Direct3D API.
......@@ -93,11 +95,13 @@ $Id$
* faad: AAC decoder using libfaad2
* fake: fake codec to be used in advanced streaming setups
* fb: video output module for the Linux framebuffer.
* fbosd: framebuffer osd plugin
* ffmpeg: Video decoder using the ffmpeg library
* ffmpegaltivec: Video decoder using the ffmpeg library (Altivec version)
* flac: Flac decoder using libflac
* flacsys: FLAC demuxer
* float32_mixer: Precise float32 audio mixer
* fluidsynth: Software MIDI synthetizer using libfluidsynth
* folder: folder meta data and art finder
* freetype: Utility to put text on video using freetype2
* ftp : FTP input module
......@@ -115,6 +119,8 @@ $Id$
* gnutls: GNU TLS encryption/decryption module
* goom: visualisation plugin based on goom
* gradient: Gradient and edge detection video effects filter
* grain: Grain Video filter
* grey_yuv: grayscale to others conversion module
* growl: announce currently playing stream to growl
* gtk2_main: Gtk+ wrapper for gtk_main
* gtk_main: Gtk+ wrapper for gtk_main
......@@ -127,16 +133,20 @@ $Id$
* http: HTTP remote control webinterface
* i420_rgb: planar YUV to packed RGB conversion functions.
* i420_rgb_mmx: MMX accelerated version of i420_rgb.
* i420_rgb_sse2: sse2 accelerated version of i420_rgb.
* i420_ymga: YUV to YUC conversion functions
* i420_ymga_mmx: MMX accelerated version of i420_ymga
* i420_yuy2: planar 4:2:0 YUV to packed YUV conversion functions.
* i420_yuy2_altivec: AltiVec accelerated version of i420_yuy2.
* i420_yuy2_mmx: MMX accelerated version of i420_yuy2.
* i420_yuy2_sse2: sse2 accelerated version of i420_yuy2.
* i422_yuy2: planar 4:2:2 YUV to packed YUV conversion functions.
* i422_yuy2_mmx: MMX accelerated version of i422_yuy2.
* i422_yuy2_sse2: sse2 accelerated version of i422_yuy2.
* id3: ID3 tag skipper
* id3tag: ID3 tag parser/skipper using libid3tag
* image: Image file video output
* inhibit: preventing the computer from suspending
* invert: inverse video filter.
* jack: jack server audio output
* libmpeg2: Mpeg2 video decoder using libmpeg2
......@@ -146,6 +156,7 @@ $Id$
* logger: file logger plugin
* logo: video filter to put a logo on the video
* lpcm: LPCM decoder
* lua: Lua scripting inteface
* m4a: MPEG-4 Audio Stream demuxer
* m4v: MPEG-4 Video Stream demuxer
* macosx: Video output, and interface module for Mac OS X.
......@@ -158,6 +169,7 @@ $Id$
* memcpymmx: MMX accelerated version of memcpy.
* memcpymmxext: MMX EXT accelerated version of memcpy.
* mga: video output module for Matrox cards using the Linux mga kernel driver.
* minimal_macosx: a minimal Mac OS X GUI, using the FrameWork
* mjpeg: a demuxer for multipart and concatenated JPEG data.
* mkv: Matroska demuxer
* mod: MOD demuxer
......@@ -241,12 +253,15 @@ $Id$
* screen: a input module that takes screenshots of the primary monitor
* screensaver: screensaver disabling module
* sdl_image: SDL-based image decoder
* seamcarving: Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Resizing video filter
* sharpen: Sharpen video filter
* shout: Shoutcast services discovery
* showintf: shows the main interface
* simple_channel_mixer: channel mixer
* skins2: Skinnable interface, new generation
* smf: Standard MIDI file demuxer
* snapshot: a output module to save pictures from the vout.
* spatializer: A spatializer audio filter
* spdif_mixer: dummy audio mixer for the S/PDIF output
* speex: a speex audio decoder/packetizer using the libspeex library.
* spudec: RLE DVD subtitles decoder.
......@@ -265,13 +280,15 @@ $Id$
* stream_out_transcode: audio & video transcoder using ffmpeg
* stream_out_transrate: audio & video transrater using ffmpeg
* subsdec: a codec to output textual subtitles
* subsusf: a demuxer for USF subtitles
* subtitle: a demuxer for subtitle files
* svcdsub: SVCD subtitles decoder
* svg: a svg renderer module
* svgalib: SGVAlib output plugin
* swscale: Image scaling module
* t140: T.140 text encoder
* taglib: Taglib tags parser and writer
* tarkin: a tarkin video decoder using libtarkin
* telepathy: Telepathy Presence information using MissionControl notification
* telnet: Telnet control interface for VideoLAN Media Manager
* telx: teletext subtitles decoder
* test1: Empty C module
......@@ -323,3 +340,4 @@ $Id$
* xvid: Decoder for the Xvid codec, using libxvidcore
* xvideo: video output module using the XVideo API.
* xvmc: XVMC video output and decoder
* zvbi: Teletext decoder using libzbvi
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