Commit 520ee292 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Fix gnutls building on windows... Complete and horrible hack... but

seems to work.
parent 177d0a20
......@@ -1880,7 +1880,7 @@ gnutls: gnutls-$(GNUTLS_VERSION).tar.bz2
ifdef HAVE_WIN32
patch -p0 < Patches/gnutls-win32.patch
(cd $@; cd lgl; ln -sf alloca_.h alloca.h)
(cd $@; cd lgl; ln -sf alloca_.h alloca.h; rm vasprintf.c; touch vasprintf.c; rm vasnprintf.c; touch vasnprintf.c)
.gnutls: gnutls .opencdk .gcrypt .gpg-error
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