Commit 4abeb549 authored by Ilkka Ollakka's avatar Ilkka Ollakka

avcodec: fix language

parent 05a4c17f
......@@ -261,7 +261,7 @@ int ffmpeg_OpenCodec( decoder_t *p_dec );
#define ENC_PROFILE_LONGTEXT N_( "Specify the AAC audio profile to use " \
"for encoding the audio bitstream. It takes the following options: " \
"main, low, ssr (not supported),ltp, hev1, hev2 (default: low). " \
"hev1 and hev2 are currently only with libfdk-aac enable ffmpeg/libav" )
"hev1 and hev2 are currently supported only with libfdk-aac enabled ffmpeg/libav" )
int i_cat; \
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