Commit 3d240f51 authored by aballier's avatar aballier Committed by Rafaël Carré
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Fix wx build

The ugly casting is correct wrt the vlc_object_t inheritance
Signed-off-by: Rafaël Carré's avatarRafaël Carré <>
parent 7eaca895
......@@ -586,7 +586,7 @@ PrefsTreeCtrl::PrefsTreeCtrl( wxWindow *_p_parent, intf_thread_t *_p_intf,
config_data->i_type = TYPE_MODULE;
config_data->p_module = config_data->b_submodule ?
p_module->p_parent : p_module;
((module_t*)((vlc_object_t*)p_module)->p_parent) : p_module;
config_data->psz_help = NULL;
/* WXMSW doesn't know image -1 ... FIXME */
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