Commit 3325d4d6 authored by Felix Paul Kühne's avatar Felix Paul Kühne
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* merge most corrections by Steven Sheehy (taken from [15039], refs #438)

parent 2a6ec806
......@@ -81,27 +81,27 @@ static VLCExtended *_o_sharedInstance = nil;
[o_lbl_audio setStringValue: _NS("Audio")];
[o_lbl_audioFlts setStringValue: _NS("Audio filters")];
[o_lbl_videoFlts setStringValue: _NS("Video filters")];
[o_lbl_adjustImage setStringValue: _NS("Adjust Image")];
[o_lbl_adjustImage setStringValue: _NS("Image adjustment")];
[o_btn_vidFlts_mrInfo setTitle: _NS("More Info")];
[o_ckb_blur setTitle: _NS("Blurring")];
[o_ckb_blur setToolTip: _NS("Creates a motion blurring on the image")];
[o_ckb_blur setToolTip: _NS("Adds motion blurring to the image")];
[o_ckb_distortion setTitle: _NS("Distortion")];
[o_ckb_distortion setToolTip: _NS("Adds distorsion effects")];
[o_ckb_distortion setToolTip: _NS("Adds distortion effects")];
[o_ckb_imgClone setTitle: _NS("Image clone")];
[o_ckb_imgClone setToolTip: _NS("Creates several copies of the Video " \
"output window" )];
[o_ckb_imgCrop setTitle: _NS("Image cropping")];
[o_ckb_imgCrop setToolTip: _NS("Crops a defined part of the image")];
[o_ckb_imgInvers setTitle: _NS("Image inversion")];
[o_ckb_imgInvers setToolTip: _NS("Inverts the image colors")];
[o_ckb_imgInvers setToolTip: _NS("Inverts the colors of the image")];
[o_ckb_trnsform setTitle: _NS("Transformation")];
[o_ckb_trnsform setToolTip: _NS("Rotates or flips the image")];
[o_ckb_vlme_norm setTitle: _NS("Volume normalization")];
[o_ckb_vlme_norm setToolTip: _NS("This filters prevents the audio output " \
"level from exceeding a defined value.")];
[o_ckb_vlme_norm setToolTip: _NS("Prevents the audio output from going " \
"over a predefined value.")];
[o_ckb_hdphnVirt setTitle: _NS("Headphone virtualization")];
[o_ckb_hdphnVirt setToolTip: _NS("This filter gives the feeling of a " \
"5.1 speaker set when using a headphone.")];
[o_ckb_hdphnVirt setToolTip: _NS("Imitates the effect of surround sound " \
"when using headphones.")];
[o_lbl_maxLevel setStringValue: _NS("Maximum level")];
[o_btn_rstrDefaults setTitle: _NS("Restore Defaults")];
[o_ckb_enblAdjustImg setTitle: _NS("Enable")];
......@@ -598,7 +598,7 @@ static VLCExtended *_o_sharedInstance = nil;
- (IBAction)vidFlts_mrInfo:(id)sender
/* show info sheet */
NSBeginInformationalAlertSheet(_NS("More information"), _NS("OK"), @"", @"", \
NSBeginInformationalAlertSheet(_NS("More Information"), _NS("OK"), @"", @"", \
o_extended_window, nil, nil, nil, nil, _NS("This panel allows to " \
"select video effects filters to apply.\n" \
"The filters can be configured indivudually in the Preferences, in " \
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