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Update NEWS, ChangeLog, and INSTALL.win32

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......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ For Debian GNU/Linux users, you can use the mingw32, mingw32-binutils and
mingw32-runtime packages.
Or you can use our mingw32 gcc-3.3.1 cross-compiler package: (requires libc6 >= 2.3.2).
You will need to extract this package in your root directory (everything will
be extracted in /usr/local/cross-tools).
......@@ -94,13 +94,14 @@ external libraries.
* We also provide a package with all the libraries already compiled so it is
actually really easy to compile a full-featured version of vlc (these compiled
libraries will only work with mingw or cygwin): (Check out fo more recent versions at the same location).
(Check out for more recent versions at the same location).
All you need to do is extract it in your root directory (the include files
and libraries will be put in /usr/win32). You can do this with the following
tar xjvf contrib-20040902-win32-bin-gcc3.3.1-only.tar.bz2 -C /
tar xjvf contrib-20060330-win32-bin-gcc-3.4.5-only.tar.bz2 -C /
Please note the "-C /".
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ Changes between 0.8.4a and 0.8.5-svn (not yet released):
Core support:
* Statistics collection (bitrates, packets, connections, ...)
* Support for downloading updates
* Updated strings
* Initial support for RTSP-over-HTTP (to allow NAT traversal)
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