Commit 22ec4bef authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Fix strings mistake for translation

parent 950705a7
......@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ static const char *enc_filtering_list_text[] = {
N_("Gaussian Low Pass Filter"),
N_("Add Noise"),
N_("Gaussian Adaptive Low Pass Filter"),
N_("Low Pass Ffilter"),
N_("Low Pass Filter"),
#define ENC_PREFILTER_STRENGTH "filter-value"
......@@ -55,13 +55,13 @@ static int Open (vlc_object_t *);
static void Close(vlc_object_t *);
#define NETSYNC_TEXT N_("Network master clock")
#define NETSYNC_LONGTEXT N_("When set then " \
"This VLC instance shall dictate its clock for synchronization " \
"over clients listening on the masters network ip address")
#define NETSYNC_LONGTEXT N_("When set, " \
"this VLC instance will act as the master clock for synchronization " \
"for clients listening")
#define MIP_TEXT N_("Master server ip address")
#define MIP_LONGTEXT N_("The IP address of " \
"The network master clock to use for clock synchronization.")
"the network master clock to use for clock synchronization.")
#define NETSYNC_TIMEOUT_TEXT N_("UDP timeout (in ms)")
#define NETSYNC_TIMEOUT_LONGTEXT N_("Length of time (in ms) " \
......@@ -201,7 +201,7 @@ static const char *const ppsz_snap_formats[] =
#define VERBOSE_OBJECTS_TEXT N_("Choose which objects should print debug " \
"This is a ',' separated string, each objects should be prefixed by " \
"This is a ',' separated string, each object should be prefixed by " \
"a '+' or a '-' to respectively enable or disable it. The keyword " \
"'all' refers to all objects. Objects can be referred to by their " \
"type or module name. Rules applying to named objects take precedence " \
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