Commit 19576662 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

sd: use playlist_ItemGetByInput()

playlist_ItemFindFromInputAndRoot() asymptotically is much slower than
playlist_ItemGetByInput(), so use the latter.

However, this means that an input item from another SD or from the playlist
can also be returned. So add an assertion against it.
parent 4c6a272e
......@@ -77,22 +77,31 @@ static void playlist_sd_item_removed(services_discovery_t *sd,
vlc_sd_internal_t *sds = sd->owner.sys;
playlist_t *p_playlist = (playlist_t *)sd->obj.parent;
playlist_item_t *p_sd_node = sds->node;
playlist_item_t *node, *item;
playlist_item_t *p_item =
playlist_ItemFindFromInputAndRoot( p_playlist, p_input, p_sd_node );
if( !p_item )
item = playlist_ItemGetByInput(p_playlist, p_input);
if (unlikely(item == NULL))
PL_UNLOCK; return;
msg_Err(sd, "removing item not added"); /* SD plugin bug */
playlist_item_t *p_parent = p_item->p_parent;
#ifndef NDEBUG
/* Check that the item belonged to the SD */
for (playlist_item_t *i = item->p_parent; i != sds->node; i = i->p_parent)
assert(i != NULL);
node = item->p_parent;
/* if the item was added under a category and the category node
becomes empty, delete that node as well */
if( p_parent->i_children > 1 || p_parent == p_sd_node )
playlist_NodeDelete( p_playlist, p_item, false );
if (node != sds->node && node->i_children == 1)
playlist_NodeDelete(p_playlist, node, true);
playlist_NodeDelete( p_playlist, p_parent, true );
playlist_NodeDelete(p_playlist, item, true);
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