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    * Various patches to allow more contribs to build on OS X x86. Only x264 · a1266366
    Sam Hocevar authored
        and goom still do not build. I successfully built a native VLC using
        the current contribs and the following configuration line:
        ./configure --disable-x11 --disable-xvideo --disable-glx --disable-gtk \
           --enable-sdl --enable-ffmpeg --with-ffmpeg-mp3lame --with-ffmpeg-faac \
           --with-ffmpeg-zlib --enable-mad --enable-dvbpsi --enable-a52 \
           --disable-dvdplay --enable-dvdnav --enable-faad --enable-vorbis \
           --enable-ogg --enable-theora --enable-faac --enable-mkv \
           --enable-freetype --disable-cddax --disable-vcdx --enable-speex \
           --enable-flac --disable-goom --enable-livedotcom --enable-caca \
           --disable-skins2 --disable-wxwidgets --enable-modplug --enable-daap \
           --enable-x264 --enable-shout --enable-twolame --enable-debug
        Apparently the native video output does not work yet, but sound and codecs
        seem rather OK.